Three Factors Involved in Starting a Holding Company

George Argyros Jr.’s executive experience ranges from insurance and investment to professional sports teams. President of Elite Financial Group, George Argyros Jr. leverages his background to lead the California holding company, a firm he founded in 2003.

If you want to establish a holding company, keep these factors in mind:

Know where you want to invest – Focusing on markets you specifically have knowledge in is an ideal place to begin. However, you may also want to consider sectors projected to have tremendous growth, as well as firms that could benefit from combining resources and reducing overhead, thereby making a more profitable entity.

Define your acquisition strategy – As a holding company, your goal is to gain majority interest in several businesses. Make certain you are aware of how much you want to grow over the coming years and what that entails. Any expenditures determine how your company will make future acquisitions.

Find equity partners – Having the backing of equity partners gives businesses you intend to acquire assurance that the transaction can be completed. Before an equity partner agrees to offer financial resources, they will ask to review your business plan, so be prepared to present one.


Supporting the Pediatric Cancer Research Foundation

Throughout his career as the president of Elite Financial Group, LLC, George Argyros Jr. has supported a broad range of charitable organizations in his community and beyond. George Argyros Jr. regularly contributes to the Pediatric Cancer Research Foundation (PCRF), a national nonprofit organization dedicated to curing childhood cancers. PCRF relies on the support of its extensive donor and volunteer network, which provides financial support and manpower for the organization’s many initiatives.

PCRF welcomes donations of all sizes, which can occur as one-time or recurring gifts. Many donors take advantage of employer donation matching programs, which can have a tremendous impact on the funding provided to nonprofits of all types. In addition to making financial contributions, individuals can volunteer their time and spirit in support of children with pediatric cancers. Many volunteers host third-party events such as auctions and golf tournaments, as well as luncheons and dinners with raffles.

To learn how to support the Pediatric Cancer Research Foundation, visit the official website at