Muscular Dystrophy Association Raises Funds through Its Muscle Walk

As the founder and CEO of Newport Beach, California-based Elite Financial Group, LLC, George Argyros, Jr., oversees the daily operations of the private financial insurance company. Prior to this venture, he had established Leveraged Life, Inc., another insurance company where he functioned as the CEO. A philanthropic individual, George Argyros, Jr., aids several charitable organizations, including the Muscular Dystrophy Association (MDA).

A nonprofit health organization aimed at finding treatments and cures for amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, muscular dystrophy, and other neuromuscular diseases, the MDA also funds research and advocates for those dealing with these diseases. Moreover, it provides support to MDA families through its many branches, seven of which are in California.

Individuals can contribute to the MDA in various ways, including via the annual Muscle Walk. As the largest event of its kind, the MDA Muscle Walk allows participants to raise money that benefits the organization through support groups and state-of-the-art clinics. It also goes toward the MDA summer camp, which is a place for kids dealing with muscle disease to be with others sharing similar experiences. The 2015 MDA Muscle Walk of Los Angeles occurred on April 18 and raised more than $67,000.


Common Types of Life Insurance

The founder and chief executive officer of Elite Financial Group, LLC, George Argyros Jr. has more than 10 years of experience in the fields of insurance and financial investment. George Argyros Jr. also leads a number of other companies and investment firms, including Leveraged Life, Inc., which provides life insurance premium finance programs.

Consumers can typically purchase several different types of life insurance. The main variations in these policies include costs, durations, and structures, while death benefit amounts may be the same.

– Whole life insurance. Beginning from the payment of your first, fixed premium, this type of life insurance is active your whole lifetime. One of the most popular types of life insurance, whole life pays a fixed amount to your stated beneficiary in the event of your death. Each year, the policy builds in cash value that can be borrowed against tax-free.

– Term life insurance. Often the least expensive life insurance option, term life has a variable premium rate that increases as you age or as the policy matures, depending on the length of the term, which is usually no longer than 10 to 30 years. Although the policy pays its stated value if the insured party dies within the term period, it pays nothing beyond the term period.

– Universal life insurance. A more flexible but higher-risk type of life insurance policy, universal life allows individuals to determine both the premium amount and the death benefit payment. Because the premiums are based in part on long-term interest rates, they may rise and fall throughout your life. The downside of the flexibility is that if premiums fall too low, they may not cover the cost of the death benefit and the policy would lapse. If that happens, all premiums paid and any potential death benefit disappears.

Argyros School Student Establishes Health 2 Humanity Social Enterprise

A senior executive with a substantial background in the real estate and insurance industries, George Argyros, Jr., founded the Elite Financial Group, LLC, in 2003 and has since served as its president. In addition to his professional activities, George Argyros, Jr., is a member of the board of directors of the Argyros School of Business and Economics at Chapman University.

The Argyros School works to both provide students with the skills to succeed in a competitive business environment and to inspire future business leaders to solve pressing social issues. One student, John Cefalu, exemplified these qualities with the founding of Health 2 Humanity, a social enterprise supporting African orphanages. Inspired by a high school charity mission, Cefalu set out to make affordable, all-natural soap bars available in the developing world.

Every soap bar sold through the Health 2 Humanity website enables four bars to be provided to children in Africa. Since its inception in 2013, Health 2 Humanity has provided over 4,000 bath bars and 5,000 laundry bars to orphans, virtually eliminating skin rashes and reducing illness by 25 percent. Additionally, profits from soap bar sales also support vocational training and microloans to young African entrepreneurs.