An Overview of Two Types of Life Insurance

An accomplished senior executive with many years of experience in the life insurance sector, George Argyros, Jr. currently serves as the founder and chief executive officer of Elite Financial Group, LLC. In this capacity, George Argyros, Jr. oversees all financial activities at the company and delivers a full range of life insurance products. There are two main forms of life insurance: protection policies, such as term life, and investment policies, such as whole life.

At the most basic level, term life insurance refers to a policy that expires at the end of a pre-determined coverage period, such as age 65. The coverage period is referred to as the term. Thus, if the policyholder dies while the life insurance policy is active (that is, before the end of the term), then the policy pays out beneficiaries in full. If the policy is allowed to expire, however, then the contract is ended and no payment will be made.

Alternatively, whole life insurance policies usually last until the death of the policyholder or age 100. In addition to the lump sum death benefit, whole or “permanent” life insurance has an investment component. This allows individuals to accumulate savings or take out loans against the cash value of the policy, a feature not offered by term life insurance policies.


American Heart Association’s Jump Rope for Heart Event

An entrepreneur and executive based in Newport Beach, California, George Argyros Jr. serves as chief executive officer of Elite Financial Group, LLC, and Leveraged Life, Inc., a national firm that offers turnkey life insurance programs. George Argyros Jr. is also involved with a number of charitable organizations and donates to causes including the American Heart Association.

As part of its mission to raise awareness and encourage heart health, the American Heart Association sponsors national events, such as the Jump Rope for Heart fundraiser. Cosponsored by the American Alliance for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance (AAHPERD), the event invites elementary and middle school students to engage in heart-healthy activities, like jump-roping, while raising money for various American Heart Association programs.

In addition to learning the importance of exercise, participants experience the benefits of community service and can take pride in helping children with special needs. To learn more or to organize a Jump Rope for Heart event, visit