AHA CPR/First-aid Training Information

George Argyros Jr. is president of Elite Financial Group, LLC, in Newport Beach, California. Additionally, George Argyros Jr. has contributed to many charitable organizations, particularly those focused on addressing health issues. One of the charities he supports is the American Heart Association (AHA), which seeks to fight stroke and heart disease and increase awareness of heart health.

One way the AHA helps to diminish the occurrence of heart disease and stroke is through training. The AHA provides CPR and first-aid training courses across the country, as well as online resources to help people develop at least some basic crisis preparation skills.

Interested parties can learn about hands-only CPR online. Corporations can find instructor-led courses online. These courses meet OSHA requirements and help employers provide safe work environments for their employees. Health-care providers can learn about advanced life support techniques as well as treatment guidelines for the care of children and adolescents.