Orangewood Children’s Foundation Supports Abused Youth

George Argyros Jr. has been the president of Elite Financial Group, a Newport Beach, California, private holding company, for over 10 years. A supporter of both California-based and national charities, George Argyros Jr. has made sizable donations to several organizations, including the Orangewood Children’s Foundation.

The Orangewood Children’s Foundation, located in Santa Ana, California, offers support to abused children who have been removed from their legal caregivers. Approximately 3,500 children are removed from unsafe conditions each year in Orange County, and most of those children temporarily stay at the Orangewood Children & Family Center. The foundation offers assistance such as job placement, peer counseling, and college scholarships to help displaced children succeed.

To help youth transition from foster care to emancipation, the Orangewood Children’s Foundation runs the Independent Living Program (ILP). The ILP offers support services for education, careers, relationships, and daily living to youths ages 16 to 21. More than 600 people attend ILP events and workshops every year. The ILP hosts workshops in Orange County several times per month.